2nd, 3rd & 4th Releases

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Release are now AVAILABLE!

After months of searching for the next great whisky cask, I finally had the opportunity to purchase 3 more whisky casks for my next releases. It was really a daunting task to select the ideal whisky for my label out of the many cask samples both Luc and I tried for the past few months. The selection process is definitely tough as we sought for whisky with a good nose, good mouthfeel, a semi-complex to complex palate that is very quaffable and lastly a good lingering finish. The “Eiling Lim” whisky label is all about enjoying a dram and more because a good dram is one that makes you want a second and a third and so on… update-14th-june-2014-pic-2 For these 3 releases, we tried more than 50 samples in a day with the agent. Sometimes I had to try 7-10 whisky samples at one go at home. In order to try these whisky in the best state of mind, I prefer sampling them in the morning after breakfast feeling fresh and awake. The palate receptors work best for me when I’m not tired. In the first round, I went through all the samples in terms of aroma, taste and finish. I singled out the ones that I find interesting and went through these ones again to confirm my first round selection. Then I leave them in the glass and return to these selected whisky after half and hour to one hour to ascertain the whisky I would like to buy. Sometimes, I would pour another dram of the selected whisky another day to make sure that I still feel the same way about these selected casks.

eilinglim_02_Ben Nevis1970label
2nd Release : Ben Nevis 1970/2014 - 43 YO 44.8% (60 bottles)

eilinglim_03_Clynelish 1997label
3rd Release : Clynelish 1997/2014 - 16 YO 50.2% (70 bottles)
eilinglim_04_Littlemill 1991label
4th Release : Littlemill 1991/2013 - 22 YO 47.2% (41 bottles)